A Dream fulfilled?

African Americans Serving Our Nation:

Already in WWII there were a couple of black soldiers fighting for their country.  The only ones who were kind of popular are the Tuskegee Airmen who escorted airplanes. Today there are a lot more black soldiers and they can have high ranks as well as the whites serving in the military. 
Two African American soldiers fighting for their country in WWII.
Capt. Willie L. Metts, U.S. Navy

Freedom Road by Langston Hughes

(...) Ought to be plain as the nose on your face,
There’s room in this plan for every race,
Some folk think that freedom just ain’t right,
Those are the very people I want to fight.

That’s why I’m marching, yes, I’m marching,
Marching down freedom’s road.
Ain’t nobody gonna stop me, nobody gonna keep me,
From marching down freedom’s road.
United we stand, divided we fall,
Let’s make this land safe for one and all.
I’ve got a message, and you know it’s right,
Black and white together unite and fight.