A Dream fulfilled?

What Is His Dream?

Our group was brain storming about what the dream might be. We all agreed that everybody's opinion about what this dream is, has to be at least a little different. That's why we only want to use some key words relevant to the speech that will help define it:
  • Pursuit of Happiness

  • Freedom

  • Equality

  • Dove

  • Voting

  • March on Washington

  • Peace

  • RaceMixing“

  • Brotherhood


  • Friendship

  • No racism

  • Equal opportunities

  • Voting Rights Act

  • Equal housing

  • Desegragating of schools

  • We the people

  • All men are created equally

  • Freedom of Speech

About of half of these powerful words listed above are mentioned in the constitution. Our group felt that it was important to include these words because they are nearly half of what King wanted. Imagine if all of America were described like this.